Pride and Prejudice

Table of Contents

Illustrations (C.E. and H.M. Brock)

Volume I

Pride and Prejudice Volume I

Chapter I [1] ~ Netherfield Park is let at last!
Chapter II [2] ~ Mr. Bennet calls on Mr. Bingley
Chapter III [3] ~ Mr. Bingley brings a party to the Meryton Assembly, including a proud, disagreeable man
Chapter IV [4] ~ The dance is discussed at Longbourn and at Netherfield Park
Chapter V [5] ~ The Lucases come to call at Longbourn and discuss the dance
Chapter VI [6] ~ Elizabeth and Charlotte discuss Mr. Bingley; an evening at the Lucases, with dancing
Chapter VII [7] ~ A militia regiment arrives in the neighbourhood; Jane dines at Netherfield Park; Elizabeth follows the next day
Chapter VIII [8] ~ An evening at Netherfield; Miss Bingley and Mr. Darcy list the requirements of an accomplished lady
Chapter IX [9] ~ Mrs. Bennet and the younger girls call at Netherfield
Chapter X [10] ~ Mr. Darcy writes a letter and asks Elizabeth to dance a reel
Chapter XI [11] ~ Jane is feeling better; there is no enjoyment like reading; Mr. Darcy's temper is explained
Chapter XII [12] ~ Jane and Elizabeth return to Longbourn
Chapter XIII [13] ~ Mr. Collins visits Longbourn
Chapter XIV [14] ~ Dinner with Mr. Collins
Chapter XV [15] ~ Mr. Collins' intentions; the group encounters Messrs. Darcy, Bingley, and Wickham in Meryton
Chapter XVI [16] ~ An evening at the Phillips'; Elizabeth has a nice long chat with Mr. Wickham
Chapter XVII [17] ~ Elizabeth and Jane discuss Mr. Wickham's news; Elizabeth is engaged for the ball at Netherfield
Chapter XVIII [18] ~ The ball at Netherfield
Chapter XIX [19] ~ Mr. Collins declares himself
Chapter XX [20] ~ Fallout from said declaration
Chapter XXI [21] ~ Miss Bingley writes to Jane
Chapter XXII [22] ~ Mr. Collins declares himself yet again
Chapter XXIII [23] ~ The Bennets learn of Mr. Collins' engagement

Volume II

Pride and Prejudice Volume II

Chapter I [24] ~ The Bingleys go to London
Chapter II [25] ~ The Gardiners visit Longbourn; Mrs. Gardiner and Mr. Wickham have something in common
Chapter III [26] ~ Jane goes to town with the Gardiners; Mr. Collins is married; Jane writes to Elizabeth
Chapter IV [27] ~ Elizabeth makes travel plans for the spring and summer
Chapter V [28] ~ Elizabeth goes to Kent
Chapter VI [29] ~ Elizabeth dines at Rosings Park
Chapter VII [30] ~ Mr. Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam arrive at Rosings Park
Chapter VIII [31] ~ An evening at Rosings Park, with piano music
Chapter IX [32] ~ Mr. Darcy calls at the parsonage
Chapter X [33] ~ Elizabeth has a chat with Colonel Fitzwilliam
Chapter XI [34] ~ Mr. Darcy declares himself
Chapter XII [35] ~ A letter from Mr. Darcy
Chapter XIII [36] ~ Elizabeth begins to see things in a different light
Chapter XIV [37] ~ The gentlemen leave Rosings
Chapter XV [38] ~ Elizabeth goes to London
Chapter XVI [39] ~ The girls return to Longbourn and have lunch with their sisters
Chapter XVII [40] ~ Elizabeth tells Jane about everything she learned in Kent; Mrs. Bennet asks after the Collinses
Chapter XVIII [41] ~ Lydia is invited to Brighton
Chapter XIX [42] ~ Elizabeth's travel plans are changed

Volume III

Pride and Prejudice Volume III

Chapter I [43] ~ A visit to Pemberley; Elizabeth learns new things about Mr. Darcy
Chapter II [44] ~ Mr. Darcy and his party visit Elizabeth and the Gardiners in Lambton
Chapter III [45] ~ Elizabeth and the Gardiners call at Pemberley; Miss Bingley asks after the militia; Mr. Darcy gives his opinion of Elizabeth
Chapter IV [46] ~ Elizabeth receives bad news from home just as Mr. Darcy calls at the inn
Chapter V [47] ~ Elizabeth arrives in Longbourn; Lydia is still missing
Chapter VI [48] ~ News from Mr. Gardiner; a letter from Mr. Collins; Mr. Bennet returns to Longbourn
Chapter VII [49] ~ Lydia is engaged
Chapter VIII [50] ~ Preparations for the wedding
Chapter IX [51] ~ The newlyweds come to Longbourn; Lydia tells a secret; Elizabeth writes to Mrs. Gardiner
Chapter X [52] ~ Mrs. Gardiner writes to Elizabeth; Elizabeth has an informative chat with Wickham
Chapter XI [53] ~ The newlyweds depart for Newcastle; Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy return to Netherfield and call at Longbourn
Chapter XII [54] ~ An evening at Longbourn; Elizabeth wonders about Mr. Darcy
Chapter XIII [55] ~ Mr. Bingley declares himself, with a little help from Mrs. Bennet
Chapter XIV [56] ~ Lady Catherine calls at Longbourn
Chapter XV [57] ~ Mr. Bennet has a very diverting letter from Mr. Collins
Chapter XVI [58] ~ Mr. Darcy declares himself, redux
Chapter XVII [59] ~ Mr. Bennet asks Elizabeth if she is sure about her decision
Chapter XVIII [60] ~ Letters are written to various aunts, relatives, and friends
Chapter XIX [61] ~ "It is settled between us already, that we are to be the happiest couple in the world."