Mansfield Park

Table of Contents

Illustrations (C.E. and H.M. Brock)

Volume I

Mansfield Park Volume I

Chapter I [1] - Mrs. Norris wants to help her sister Price
Chapter II [1] - Fanny Price comes to Mansfield Park
Chapter III [3] - There is a new family at the rectory; Sir Thomas and his son go to Antigua
Chapter IV [4] - Edmund gets Fanny a horse; Miss Bertram has a beau; The Crawfords come to the parsonage
Chapter V [5] - The Bertrams and the Crawfords become acquainted; is Miss Price out or not?
Chapter VI [6] - Mr. Rushworth plans improvements
Chapter VII [7] - Miss Crawford borrows Fanny's mare; Fanny has the head-ache
Chapter VIII [8] - Mrs. Norris plans a visit to Sotherton
Chapter IX [9] - Mary learns about Edmund's career plans
Chapter X [10] - A locked gate
Chapter XI [11] - Mary and Edmund discuss vocations; Edmund and Fanny look at the stars
Chapter XII [12] - Tom comes home
Chapter XIII [13] - Hey, kids, let's put on a play!
Chapter XIV [14] - The roles are cast
Chapter XV [15] - Rehearsals begin
Chapter XVI [16] - Edmund has reservations
Chapter XVII [17] - Edmund caves; rehearsals continue
Chapter XVIII [18] - Sir Thomas returns

Volume II

Mansfield Park Volume II

Chapter I [19] - Sir Thomas is not amused
Chapter II [20] - Edmund tries to smooth things over; Messrs. Yates and Crawford depart
Chapter III [21] - Maria gets married, and takes Julia along on her honeymoon
Chapter IV [22] - Mary and Fanny become friends
Chapter V [23] - Fanny is invited to dine at the parsonage; Henry is there
Chapter VI [24] - Henry decides to stay; Mr. Midshipman Price arrives at Mansfield Park
Chapter VII [25] - Edmund and Henry plan improvements; William would like to see his sister dance
Chapter VIII [26] - Sir Thomas plans a ball for the Prices; Mary gives Fanny a gift
Chapter IX [27] - Edmund makes Fanny a very pretty present
Chapter X [28] - Fanny's first ball
Chapter XI [29] - William and Edmund depart
Chapter XII [30] - Henry confides in his sister
Chapter XIII [31] - Mr. Crawford declares himself

Volume III

Mansfield Park Volume III

Chapter I [32] - Sir Thomas has a talk with Fanny
Chapter II [33] - Henry tries again
Chapter III [34] - Edmund returns
Chapter IV [35] - Edmund has a talk with Fanny
Chapter V [36] - Mary has a talk with Fanny; the Crawfords depart
Chapter VI [37] - Sir Thomas banishes Fanny
Chapter VII [38] - There's no place like home!
Chapter VIII [39] - Life with the Prices
Chapter IX [40] - Fanny and Susan become closer; Fanny subscribes to the circulating-library
Chapter X [41] - Henry comes to Portsmouth
Chapter XI [42] - A Sunday walk
Chapter XII [43] - Fanny has a letter from Mary
Chapter XIII [44] - Fanny has a letter from Edmund, and one from her aunt with bad news
Chapter XIV [45] - More news from London
Chapter XV [46] - Fanny has a strange letter from Mary; Mr. Price finds an item of interest in the newspaper; Edmund comes for Fanny
Chapter XVI [47] - Fanny and Susan return to Mansfield Park; Edmund finally gets a bally clue
Chapter XVII [48] - Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery!