Memoir of Jane Austen

Table of Contents

Jane Austen

I. Introductory Remarks--Birth of Jane Austen--Her Family Connections--Their Influence on her Writings
II. Description of Steventon--Life at Steventon--Changes of Habits and Customs in the last Century
III. Early Compositions--Friends at Ashe--A very Old Letter--Lines on the Death of Mrs. Lefroy--Observations on Jane Austen's Letter-writing--Letters
IV. Removal from Steventon--Residence at Bath and at Southampton--Settling at Chawton
V. Description of Jane Austen's person, character, and tastes
VI. Habits of Composition resumed after a long interval--First publication--The interest taken by the Author in the success of her Works
VII. Seclusion from the literary world--Notice from the Prince Regent--Correspondence with Mr. Clarke--Suggestions to alter her style of writing
VIII. Slow growth of her fame--Ill success of first attempts at publication--Two Reviews of her works contrasted
IX. Opinions expressed by eminent persons--Opinions of others of less eminence--Opinion of American readers
X. Observations on the Novels
XI. Declining health of Jane Austen--Elasticity of her spirits--Her resignation and humility--Her death
XII. The cancelled Chapter of 'Persuasion'
XIII. The last work
XIV. Postscript