Watercolor Illustrations by C. E. Brock

Title Page
"I planned the match from that hour" ~ Volume I, Chapter I (1)
As she was so fond of it, it should be called her cow" ~ Volume I, Chapter IV (4)
Frequently coming to look ~ Volume I, Chapter VI (6)
He was very sure there must be a lady in the case ~ Volume I, Chapter VIII (8)
"You and I will have a nice basin of gruel together" ~ Volume I, Chapter XII (12)
She left the sofa ~ Volume I, Chapter XV (15)
"Ma'am...do you hear what Miss Woodhouse is so obliging to say about Jane's handwriting?" ~ Volume II, Chapter I (19)
"He thought I had much better go round by Mr. Cole's stables" ~ Volume II, Chapter III (21)
He stopt...to look in ~ Volume II, Chapter VI (24)
Very busy over parish business ~ Volume II, Chapter VIII (26)
"I have the pleasure, madam, (to Mrs. Bates,) of restoring your spectacles, healed for the present." ~ Volume II, Chapter X (28)
"Ah! he is off. He never can bear to be thanked" ~ Volume II, Chapter X (28)
What was to be done? ~ Volume II, Chapter XI (29)
"Half an hour shut up with my housekeeper" ~ Volume II, Chapter XIV (32)
"I see very few pearls in the room except mine" ~ Volume III, Chapter II (38)
The terror...was then their own portion ~ Volume III, Chapter III (39)
"I shall be sure to say three dull things as soon as ever I open my mouth, shan't I?" ~ Volume III, Chapter VII (43)
"Jane Fairfax!--Good God! You are not serious?" ~ Volume III, Chapter X (46)
Mr. Perry...with a disengaged hour to give her father ~ Volume III, Chapter XIII (49)
"my dearest, most beloved Emma--tell me at once" ~ Volume III, Chapter XIII (49)
"She absolutely refused to allow me" ~ Volume III, Chapter XIV (50)
"He did not know what was come to his master lately" ~ Volume III, Chapter XVI (52)
There was no longer a want of subject ~ Volume III, Chapter XVIII (54)

Tinted Line Drawings by C. E. Brock

Volume I Book Cover
Volume II Book Cover
Volume I Title Page
Volume II Title Page
"I planned the match from that hour" ~ Volume I, Chapter I (1)
Consulting Mr. Perry, the apothecary ~ Volume I, Chapter II (2)
Just to leave a piece of paper on the table ~ Volume I, Chapter IX (9)
"You are extremely kind," replied Miss Bates ~ Volume II, Chapter I (19)
"I stood for a minute, feeling dreadfully" ~ Volume II, Chapter III (21)
Frank Churchill sang again ~ Volume II, Chapter VIII (26)
"How d'ye do? How d'ye do?" ~ Volume II, Chapter X (28)
"How do you like my gown?" ~ Volume III, Chapter II (38)
Begged them not to want more, or to use her ill ~ Volume III, Chapter III (39)
"Most beloved Emma, tell me at once" ~ Volume III, Chapter XIII (49)
"I was mad enough, however, to resent" ~ Volume III, Chapter IX (50)
It was at first a considerable shock to him ~ Volume III, Chapter XVII (53)

Black and white line drawings by Hugh Thomson at Solitary Elegance