Sense and Sensibility

Table of Contents

Illustrations (C.E. Brock)

Volume I

Sense and Sensibility Volume I

Chapter I (1) - The Dashwood ladies have a change of situation
Chapter II (2) - Mr. and Mrs. John Dashwood discuss his father's last wishes
Chapter III (3) - The abilities and taste of Mr. Edward Ferrars
Chapter IV (4) - Marianne and Elinor discuss Mr. Ferrars; Fanny makes her family's position clear; Mrs. Dashwood makes arrangements
Chapter V (5) - Goodbye to dear, dear Norland
Chapter VI (6) - Hello to Barton Cottage, and the new neighbours
Chapter VII (7) - The Dashwood ladies dine at Barton Park, and Marianne gives a performance on pianoforte
Chapter VIII (8) - Mrs. Jennings quizzes the girls on their beaux
Chapter IX (9) - Marianne falls down and sprains her ankle
Chapter X (10) - The ladies become acquainted with Marianne's preserver
Chapter XI (11) - Elinor and Colonel Brandon discuss Marianne's romantic proclivities
Chapter XII (12) - Marianne receives a gift from Willoughby; what are his intentions?
Chapter XIII (13) - Colonel Brandon receives an urgent letter
Chapter XIV (14) - Willoughby and Mrs. Dashwood discuss improvements
Chapter XV (15) - Willoughby is called away on urgent business
Chapter XVI (16) - Edward Ferrars arrives for a visit
Chapter XVII (17) - The ladies give Edward vocational advice
Chapter XVIII (18) - Edward has a new and interesting piece of jewelry
Chapter XIX (19) - The Palmers come to visit
Chapter XX (20) - Mrs. Palmer gives Elinor some information about Willougby
Chapter XXI (21) - The Miss Steeles arrive at Barton Park for a visit
Chapter XXII (22) - Miss Lucy Steele tells Elinor a great secret

Volume II

Sense and Sensibility Volume II

Chapter I (23) - Elinor considers the secret, and contrives to get Lucy alone
Chapter II (24) - Lucy tells the whole story
Chapter III (25) - Mrs. Jennings invites Marianne and Elinor to London
Chapter IV (26) - Arrival in town; Marianne writes a letter; meetings with old friends
Chapter V (27) - The fine weather keeps the sportsmen in the country; Colonel Brandon asks Elinor a question
Chapter VI (28) - Willoughby! Will you not shake hands with me?
Chapter VII (29) - Willoughby writes to Marianne
Chapter VIII (30) - Marianne despairs; Colonel Brandon pays an evening-visit
Chapter IX (31) - Colonel Brandon tells Elinor a story about Willougby
Chapter X (32) - Marianne learns the truth; the Miss Steeles are in town
Chapter XI (33) - A visit to Gray's; Mr. John Dashwood has high hopes for Elinor
Chapter XII (34) - A dinner at the John Dashwoods', to which Fanny's dear mamma is invited
Chapter XIII (35) - Lucy and Edward Ferrars call upon Elinor
Chapter XIV (36) - Marianne is in a decline; Mr. Robert Ferrars expounds upon the joys of a cottage; Mrs. John Dashwood invites the Miss Steeles to Harley Street

Volume III

Sense and Sensibility Volume III

Chapter I (37) - The secret is out!
Chapter II (38) - The fallout; Elinor hears from Lucy
Chapter III (39) - Marianne wants to go home; Mrs. Jennings overhears a conversation between Elinor and Colonel Brandon
Chapter IV (40) - Elinor tells Edward that Colonel Brandon wishes to be of service to him
Chapter V (41) - Elinor calls on Mrs. John Dashwood; Mr. Robert Ferrars gives his opinion of his brother's affairs
Chapter VI (42) - The girls arrive at Cleveland; Marianne falls ill
Chapter VII (43) - Marianne is much worse; Elinor sends for her mother; an unexpected visitor
Chapter VIII (44) - Willoughby endeavours to explain himself
Chapter IX (45) - Marianne is much better; Mrs. Dashwood arrives, and has some interesting news for Elinor
Chapter X (46) - Marianne receives Colonel Brandon; home to Barton; Marianne apologizes for her behaviour; Elinor tells her Willoughby's story
Chapter XI (47) - The Dashwoods' manservant runs into Lucy
Chapter XII (48) - A most unexpected visitor, with most unexpected news
Chapter XIII (49) - Edward declares himself, and endeavours to explain himself as well
Chapter XIV (50) - Mrs. Ferrars comes around; Marianne can never love by halves