Watercolor Illustrations by C.E. Brock

Many thanks to Rhonda and Cinthia for scanning these!

Title Page
Few women could think more of their personal appearance than he did ~ Volume I, Chapter I (1)
He had no scruple in confessing his judgement to be entirely on that side ~ Volume I, Chapter II (2)
"So wretched an example of what a sea-faring life can do" ~ Volume I, Chapter III (3)
"So you are come at last!" ~ Volume I, Chapter V (5)
"Their grandmamma...humours and indulges them" ~ Volume I, Chapter VI (6)
Brought home in consequence of a bad fall ~ Volume I, Chapter VII (7)
They were divided only by Mrs. Musgrove ~ Volume I, Chapter VIII (8)
In another moment...someone was taking him from her ~ Volume I, Chapter IX (9)
"Here is a nut," said he..."to exemplify" ~ Volume I, Chapter X (10)
"Being by the sea always makes him feel young again" ~ Volume I, Chapter XII (12)
Politely drew back, and stopped to give them way ~ Volume I, Chapter XII (12)
The horror of the moment, to all who stood round! ~ Volume I, Chapter XII (12)
"He has walked with me, sometimes, from one end of the sands to the other, without saying a word." ~ Volume II, Chapter II (14)
Talking with a very raised voice ~ Volume II, Chapter II (14)
The effect which a man of decent appearance produced ~ Volume II, Chapter III (15)
In earnest contemplation of some print ~ Volume II, Chapter VI (18)
In another moment they walked off together ~ Volume II, Chapter VII (19)
In spite of the formidable father and sister in the background ~ Volume II, Chapter VIII (20)
Lady Dalrymple and Miss Carteret, escorted by Mr. Elliot and Colonel Wallis ~ Volume II, Chapter VIII (20)
Such a letter could not be read without putting Anne in a glow ~ Volume II, Chapter IX (21)
"We had a famous set-to at rat-hunting" ~ Volume II, Chapter X (22)
Placed it before Anne ~ Volume II, Chapter XI (23)
"I shall have no scruple in asking you to take my place, and give Anne your arm" ~ Volume II, Chapter XI (23)

Tinted Line Drawings by C.E. Brock

Many thanks to Cinthia for scanning these!

Book Cover
Title Page
The unwelcome hints of Mr. Shepherd, his agent ~ Volume I, Chapter I (1)
"Well done, Miss Anne!" ~ Volume I, Chapter VI (6)
She very soon heard Captain Wentworth and Louisa ~ Volume I, Chapter X (10)
"Oh God! Her father and mother!" ~ Volume I, Chapter XII (12)
Of all the consequence in their power ~ Volume II, Chapter VIII (20)
With eyes of glowing entreaty fixed upon her ~ Volume II, Chapter XI (23)