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Biographical Notice of the Author

Volume I

Persuasion Volume I

Chapter I [1] ~ The history of the Elliots and their financial status
Chapter II [2] ~ Mr. Shepherd suggests that Sir Walter remove to Bath
Chapter III [3] ~ A tenant is found for Kellynch Hall
Chapter IV [4] ~ Anne remembers the summer of the Year Six
Chapter V [5] ~ The Elliots depart for Bath, and Anne goes to Uppercross
Chapter VI [6] ~ The Crofts take possession; Meet the Musgroves; the tale of Poor Dick
Chapter VII [7] ~ Captain Wentworth arrives at Kellynch; young Charles Musgrove has a fall; Captain Wentworth visits the Cottage
Chapter VIII [8] ~ Captain Wentworth goes to a dinner party at the Great House
Chapter IX [9] ~ Charles Hayter is jealous; Captain Wentworth helps Anne with the Musgrove children
Chapter X [10] ~ The Long Walk to Winthrop
Chapter XI [11] ~ The trip to Lyme Regis; Anne comforts Captain Benwick
Chapter XII [12] ~ Mr. Elliot is seen in Lyme; Louisa has an accident

Volume II

Persuasion Volume II

Chapter I [13] ~ Waiting at Uppercross and Kellynch Lodge for word of Louisa; Admiral Croft discusses his improvements at Kellynch
Chapter II [14] ~ Charles and Mary return to Uppercross; the Musgroves return for Christmas; Anne and Lady Russell remove to Bath
Chapter III [15] ~ Sir Walter and Elizabeth are very happy in Bath and have many acquaintances; Anne meets Mr. Elliot once again
Chapter IV [16] ~ Our Cousins, The Dalrymples; a discussion of good company vs. the best
Chapter V [17] ~ Anne calls on Mrs. Smith, to Sir Walter's disgust; Lady Russell reveals her dearest wish to Anne
Chapter VI [18] ~ A letter from Mary; Anne meets Admiral Croft
Chapter VII [19] ~ Anne sees Captain Wentworth; later, they meet
Chapter VIII [20] ~ The concert
Chapter IX [21] ~ Anne and Mrs. Smith discuss Mr. Elliot
Chapter X [22] ~ Charles and Mary come to Bath; Miss Elliot plans a party; Anne sees Mr. Elliot speaking to Mrs. Clay
Chapter XI [23] ~ Anne has a conversation with Captain Harville at the White Hart; The Letter
Chapter XII [24] ~ Who can be in doubt of what followed?
The "Cancelled Chapters" ~ The ending as Jane Austen originally wrote it, and later changed.