Northanger Abbey

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Illustrations (Brock, Thomson, and others)

Volume I

Northanger Abbey Volume I

Chapter I [1] ~ Catherine is invited to Bath by the Allens
Chapter II [2] ~ Catherine and the Allens arrive in Bath and attend the Upper Rooms
Chapter III [3] ~ Enter the Hero
Chapter IV [4] ~ Catherine and Mrs. Allen meet Mrs. Thorpe and her daughters at the Pump Room
Chapter V [5] ~ Catherine and Isabella grow closer; Jane Austen's famous "defense of the novel"
Chapter VI [6] ~ Catherine and Isabella at the Pump Room; Isabella lists "The Northanger Canon"
Chapter VII [7] ~ Catherine and Isabella meet James Morland and John Thorpe
Chapter VIII [8] ~ Catherine dances with John Thorpe at the Upper Rooms, meets Henry Tilney and his sister
Chapter IX [9] ~ Catherine goes driving with John Thorpe
Chapter X [10] ~ Catherine meets Eleanor Tilney at the Pump Room; Henry compares dancing and marriage
Chapter XI [11] ~ Catherine goes driving with John Thorpe despite being engaged to walk with the Tilneys
Chapter XII [12] ~ Catherine calls on Eleanor to apologize; later, she meets Henry at the theatre
Chapter XIII [13] ~ Isabella, John, and James try to get Catherine to go to Clifton with them; Catherine meets General Tilney
Chapter XIV [14] ~ The walk around Beechen Cliff
Chapter XV [15] ~ Isabella and James are engaged

Volume II

Northanger Abbey Volume II

Chapter I [16] ~ Captain Tilney comes to Bath, dances with Isabella
Chapter II [17] ~ Catherine is invited to Northanger Abbey
Chapter III [18] ~ Catherine and Isabella meet Captain Tilney at the Pump Room
Chapter IV [19] ~ Catherine and Henry discuss Isabella's behaviour with Captain Tilney
Chapter V [20] ~ Catherine and the Tilneys travel to Northanger Abbey; Henry's parody of a Gothic novel
Chapter VI [21] ~ Catherine inspects some mysterious pieces of furniture at the Abbey
Chapter VII [22] ~ General Tilney and Eleanor give Catherine a tour of the Abbey
Chapter VIII [23] ~ Catherine becomes suspicious about Mrs. Tilney's death
Chapter IX [24] ~ Henry finds Catherine near his mother's room
Chapter X [25] ~ Catherine receives a letter from James
Chapter XI [26] ~ Catherine calls on Henry at his house in Woodston
Chapter XII [27] ~ Catherine receives a letter from Isabella
Chapter XIII [28] ~ Catherine leaves Northanger Abbey
Chapter XIV [29] ~ Catherine arrives in Fullerton
Chapter XV [30] ~ Henry comes to Fullerton
Chapter XVI [31] ~ In which we hasten together to perfect felicity