Jane Austen and Her Times

List of Illustrations

Morning Employments. From a Painting by Bunbury.
The Rev. George Austen and the Rev. James Austen. From a Family Miniature.
Juvenile Retirement. From a Painting by John Hoppner.
The Vicar Receiving His Tithes. From a Drawing by H. Singleton.
Jane Austen. From a Portrait by her Sister Cassandra.
The Happy Cottagers. From a Painting by George Morland.
Miss Burney (Madame D'Arblay). From a Drawing by De Loutherbourg.
From A Summer's Evening. From a Drawing by De Loutherbourg.
Travellers Arriving at Eagle Tavern, Strand. From an Old Engraving.
Domestic Happiness. From a Painting by George Morland.
Cowper. From a Painting by George Romney, in the possession of B. Vaughan Johnson, Esq.
Victory of Lord Duncan (Camperdown), 1797. From a Painting by J. S. Copley.
Façade of the Pump Room, Bath, In the Eighteenth Century. From a Contemporary Engraving.
Dressing to Go Out. From a Drawing by P. W. Tomkins.
Inigo Jones, Hon. H. Fane, and C. Blair. From a Painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds.
A Plate from the Gallery of Fashion
Charing Cross, 1795. From an Engraving in the Crace Collection.
The Little Theater, Haymarket. From an Engraving by Wilkinson in Londina Illustrata.
The Rev. George Crabbe. From a Drawing by Sir F. Chantrey, in the National Portrait Gallery.
The Garden of Carleton House. From a Painting by Bunbury.

This text was originally digitized by Catherine Dean for her "Jane Austen E-Texts, Etc." website, and is archived at Molland's with Ms. Dean's permission.