Mansfield Park

Watercolor Illustrations by C. E. Brock

Thanks to Robin and Cinthia for scanning these!

Title Page (1908)
Title Page (1922)
In vain were the well-meant condescensions of Sir Thomas ~ Volume I, Chapter II (2)
"The kind pains you took to...persuade me out of my fears" ~ Volume I, Chapter III (3)
Indulged with his favourite instrument ~ Volume I, Chapter VII (7)
While Fanny cut the roses ~ Volume I, Chapter VII (7)
Her prospect always ended in Mr. Crawford and her sister sitting side by side ~ Volume I, Chapter VIII (8)
He walked to the gate and stood there without seeming to know what to do. ~ Volume I, Chapter X (10)
"It would give me the greatest pleasure, but that I am this moment going to dance" ~ Volume I, Chapter XII (12)
She worked very diligently under her aunt's direction ~ Volume I, Chapter XVIII (18)
A ranting young man who appeared likely to knock him down backwards ~ Volume II, Chapter I (19)
Mr. Yates felt it acutely. ~ Volume II, Chapter II (20)
Dr. Grant himself came out with an umbrella-- ~ Volume II, Chapter IV (22)
William was often called on by his uncle to be the talker ~ Volume II, Chapter VI (24)
"I told a man mending a hedge that it was Thornton Lacey ~ Volume II, Chapter VII (25)
"Oh, this is beautiful indeed!" ~ Volume II, Chapter IX (27)
Conducted by Mr. Crawford to the top of the room ~ Volume II, Chapter X (28)
"No, no!" she cried, hiding her face ~ Volume II, Chapter XIII (31)
"Am I to understand," said Sir Thomas, "that you mean to refuse Mr. Crawford?" ~ Volume III, Chapter I (32)
His reading was capital. ~ Volume III, Chapter III (34)
"Good, gentle Fanny!" ~ Volume III, Chapter V (36)
Looked at him for a moment in speechless admiration. ~ Volume III, Chapter VII (38)
Fanny was obliged to introduce him. ~ Volume III, Chapter X (41)
"There! Much good may such fine relations do you." ~ Volume III, Chapter XV (46)
The joyful consent which met Edmund's application ~ Volume III, Chapter XVII (48)

Tinted Line Drawings by H.M. Brock

Thanks to Cinthia for scanning these!

Title Page
In vain were the well-meant condescensions of Sir Thomas ~ Volume I, Chapter II (2)
She played with the greatest obligingness ~ Volume I, Chapter VII (7)
"I am come to make my own apologies" ~ Volume I, Chapter VII (7)
Miss Price all alone! ~ Volume I, Chapter X (10)
He could not help giving Mrs. Norris a hint ~ Volume II, Chapter II (20)
Dr. Grant himself went out with an umbrella ~ Volume II, Chapter IV (22)
Sir Thomas brought him to her ~ Volume II, Chapter X (28)
Returning to her seat to finish a note ~ Volume II, Chapter XII (30)
She was forced to listen ~ Volume III, Chapter II (33)
"I know what you are thinking of" ~ Volume III, Chapter III (34)
Complete in his lieutenant's uniform ~ Volume III, Chapter VI (37)
He...left them only at the door ~ Volume III, Chapter X (41)