Jane Austen

By O.W. Firkins

New York, Henry Holt and Company, 1923

An attempt is made in the appendix to furnish a reference to every important quotation and allusion in the text. The courtesy of the Atlantic Monthly in authorizing the reprint of the verses, To Jane Austen, is gratefully acknowledged. -- O. W. F.

Table of Contents

Jane Austen

To Jane Austen

Part I – The Novelist

I. Sense and Sensibility
II. Pride and Prejudice
III. Northanger Abbey
IV. Mansfield Park
V. Emma
VI. Persuasion
VII. The Group of Novels

Part II – The Realist

VIII. The Realist

Part III – The Woman

IX. Life and Ways of Life
X. Liabilities and Assets
XI. Conclusion

This text was originally digitized by Catherine Dean for her "Jane Austen E-Texts, Etc." website, and is archived at Molland's with Ms. Dean's permission.